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Roofing Guidelines


The current covenants, last modified in May 1989, allow only for wood shake shingles.  See ARTICLE 1, Section 4.

However, in more recent years, Barrington Park Homeowners have been allowed to install a few additional luxury shingles. These allowed additional shingles include:

  • Grand Manor Slate

  • Presidential Shake

  • DaVinci

  • GAF Grand Sequoia

  • Malarkey Windsor Scotchgard (Heather color)

Until covenants are formally updated, please follow these guidelines, or submit your shingle roofing request to the Barrington Park Architectural Committee for approval before making your decision. Remember, these covenants and guidelines are designed to provide for the preservation of the values of the neighborhood and for the character and residential integrity of the neighborhood. 

Additions to Roofing Covenant
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